Taking evasive action against paparazzi

I was shopping at Eastern Market, located in Washington DC, when I saw the most unusual thing–a dog wearing what appeared to be sunglasses. At first glance I thought the owner was having a bit of fun by placing his optical wear onto the face of his dog. Instinctively and as a pet photographer I reached for my camera because I needed to photograph this strange phenomena. After capturing the featured image, I then engaged the owner to learn the rational for what I was seeing.

Having had dogs at an earlier period, I can attest that they do not take naturally to anything being placed on their body. The moment a collar or something we think looks cute is affixed to our adorable companions they begin bucking, gnawing at it, or running in the opposite direction. Based on this bit of historical insight, it made what I was witnessing all the more interesting. This dog was comfortably wearing artisan-tailored glasses, and to be specific, a brand of eye-wear call Doggles. Though very appropriately named, I was now grappling with the fact that the day had arrived when dogs wore sunglasses. Seeing this, it somehow causes you to wonder what-else I was not aware of.

According to research published by “American Pet Products Association,” the amount estimated to be spent during 2017 will be in excess of 69 billion dollars. Putting this whopping sum aside I then asked the owner his underlying reason for accessorizing his beloved pet. His response was he viewed himself as being fashionable and consequently his companion reflected this reality.

Since then, this image hangs in my living-room where it serves as an inspirational placeholder for the French bulldog and mix Bichon-Cavalier King Charles Spaniel I intend to get and one day call Spectra and Voltaz.




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October 14, 2017 at 02:10 AM

Wow, I’ve never seen anything like this before. I think my daughter will get a kick out of this.

October 17, 2017 at 06:10 AM
– In reply to: Rob

Hilarious and interesting!

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